The Issue

Annapolis Elementary School is the oldest primary school in continuous operation in the USA. It first opened its doors in 1896. It is set to undergo extensive renovations, beginning in June of 2012. The playground and play space used by the students at AES and the community as a whole sits on land that was deeded to the “children of the public schools of said City of Annapolis” in 1901 for use as a playground.

The current playspace is shown, shaded in blue, below. The red triangle shows the space that would be left for a playground after construction of the garage. The remainder of the blue shaded area, as well as the parking area and park shown in the picture, would be covered by a 4-5 story parking garage with retail storefronts facing the street.


 The playground, the basketball court, the hard-top area currently used by students for kickball and other outdoor games, as well as the grassy area that houses the vegetable gardens built and tended by the school’s students, faculty, and parents would all be lost.

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