Rally To Protect and Preserve the Downtown Community Playground

Get Behind Our School RallyFor Immediate Release
Contact: 1-410-991-6566, ilovemyaes@gmail.com
“Get Behind Our School” rally

A Rally To Protect and Preserve the Downtown Community Playground
and Oppose the Proposed Parking Garage on Compromise Street

At 4pm on April the 16th a rally will be held at the downtown Annapolis playground to oppose the city’s effort to put a parking garage on top of:

  • The site of a historic waterman’s community that has never had a thorough archeological excavation.
  • The site of the only downtown basketball court,
  • The site of a community park that the Annapolis Elementary School PTA helped to pay for, and last (but certainly not least),
  • The downtown playground that is used and loved by the wider community and serves as the only playground for the historic Annapolis Elementary School. This is a playground that the city promised in 1987 to forever preserve.

The City of Annapolis has put the wrong foot forward on this proposal. Rather than conduct a parking-needs study, determine if more parking is needed, review possible locations, and then solicit bids from possible developers, the city is rushing into a half-baked plan because of an artificial timeline.

According to Chris Stelzig, co-organizer of the Save the Annapolis Playground petition, “While we all support the city’s desire to green downtown, it cannot be on the backs of some of our city’s most needy children. There are literally dozens of alternative and less impactful ways that parking can be improved downtown and still green the City Dock area. But the city has thus far refused to consider them while this parcel of land remains in play.”

The city is seeking to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the County Board of Education at the April 18th BOE meeting.

The April 16th rally will include speakers, community leaders, the outline of the proposed garage, and a kickball game on the plot of land that the city wants to pave. For more information on how you can help preserve this community resource, call 410.991.6566.

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