Playground Saving

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Right now, the City Council is holding an emergency meeting to explore moving forward with the Compromise LLC plans to build a parking garage where the playground and basketball courts adjacent to Annapolis Elementary now stand. Earlier this afternoon there was a “Save the Playground” rally at the playground to show support for the school and to protest the proposed development. Mayor Cohen has done a 180 on this, coming out recently against the parking garage plans and urging the council to do the same (you may remember his earlier interview here on the subject).

Here’s the thing: emotions run high when it comes to our kids and our city, but no matter your opinion about the possibility of paving paradise in Annapolis (yes, I do have a strong opinion on this!) it would be hard not to feel at least a little civic pride swelling in your chest at the rally today. Parents of infants, parents of teenagers, neighbors, teachers, local reporters, PTA leaders, and lots and lots and lots of kids came together to make their voices heard. People from all walks of life and all corners of this city are passionate about saving play space for kids. Awesome.

You should have seen the children who boldly climbed the plastic mountain on the playground and rallied the crowd, urging them to show their support for children, open play space, a school food garden, the basketball courts, and a community gathering place. Civic leaders in training! The show of people at the playground today was evidence that the space is truly beloved by all kinds of people in this town. And it was a fantastic, hands-on example of what democracy is all about for the kids in attendance, whether they were hanging from the monkey bars or listening quietly to the speakers.

You know? This town ain’t bad.

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  1. Please think about the children not the monies for a parking lot that we do not need.

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