Peter Cane posts an article about the playground

Photographer Peter Cane posted a terrific article about the playground and the garage proposal on his blog:

In a report requested by the mayor: “In planning for that project, (back in 1987) the City promised the residents that if they built the playground, the City would guarantee it would remain a playground.”

In the same report the city alluded to the fact that if a garage was to built a playground must remain on the property but a closer reading makes it clear that’s not the city’s position, at all.

“The sub‐committee believes the City must honor its commitment to retain the playground in spirit if not in physical fact……(what does that mean??) However, as of this writing the Board of Education has not expressed a firm requirement for access to the playground.”

There are a lot of reasons this garage is a incredibly bad idea.

Green Street elementary school kids need this park. It’s public property and belongs to all of us, and it should not be used to create a business opportunity for a few select and well connected businessmen.

The full text of the article is available at:

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