Playground deed may complicate garage plan

The Annapolis Capital reported that “A property deed written more than 100 years ago could throw a wrench into city plans to partner with Anne Arundel County schools and a private developer on a parking garage project downtown.”

This deed, recorded on June 25, 1901, speaks to the use of the Newman Street property as a playground. The Capital has transcribed a portion of the document: “And whereas it was expressly understood and agreed as is specifically set forth in this petition to the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County whereon the aforesaid order of April 30 was passed, and is also specifically set out in the Trustee’s Report of Sale aforesaid that the said property should be held by the parties of the second part and their successors in truth as a playground for the white children of the public schools of said City of Annapolis and to and for no other use whatsoever and not to be held by the school commissioners of Anne Arundel County as a part of the public school property of the said county in anyway whatsoever now therefore in consideration of the premises and of the payments of the purchase money aforesaid the said party of the first part doth by these present grant and convey unto the said parties of the second part and their successors … ”

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